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E-Dama Minimidi Cup

Since October 2010 we are organizing on E-Dama regular Mini and MIdi tournaments. These tournaments are open to all players registered on the In the first two years, there were 126 Mini and 79 Midi tournaments. Since year 2013 Mini and Midi tournaments will be counted for E-Dama Minimidi Cup. Here you can see the final standings for E-Dama Minimidi Cup 2013.

The rules of this contest are simple:

For each calendar year all the points scored on the Mini and Midi tournaments started in that year are added together.

  • For the first place on Mini tournament player wins 5 points.
  • For the second place on Mini tournament player wins 1 point.
  • For the first place on Midi tournament player wins 9 points.
  • For the second place on Midi tournament player wins 3 points.
  • For third place on Midi tournament player wins 1 point.

The tournament winner is the player with the highest score. If two or more players have the same number of points, the tournament winner is determined by utilizing the Sonneborn-Berger system.

In case where multiple players share the same place, total number of points for their places are divided equally to all such players. Number of points shall be rounded to two decimal places

Example 1

In the case where two players share te first place on Midi tournament, every player will get (9+3)/2=6 points

Example 2

In the case where three players share te first place on Midi tournament, every player will get (5+1)/3=2 points

Example 3

Three players are sharing second place on Midi Tournament. Every player will get (3+1)/3=1.33 points

Annual winner of E-Dama Minimidi Cup is declared after finishing the last tournament started in previous calendar year.

Arbiter of Mini tournaments is Cedomir Igaly, and arbiter of Mini tournaments is Goran Igaly.

Coordinator of E-Dama Minimidi Cup is Goran Igaly

Data processing for E-Dama Minimidi Cup is held by Cedomir Igaly

Three best ranked players in total annual score of E-Dama Minimidi Cup will receive diplomas from organizers.

General conditions for Mini and Midi Tournaments

Time for thinking is 120 days for 50 moves plus 50 days for the completion of the game.

In the games on Mini and Midi Tournaments, the usage of coumputers for thinking is allowed.

During the game every player can take a rest period of 30 days. The rest period can be used in no more than two parts.

Every player must start is/her games not later than 10 days after the start of tournament. If this is not the case,, player is automatically removed from the tournament and replaced by other player.

If player does not make his/her move in 35 days, the warning will be sent to him/her. If player will not make his/her move in 10 days after receiving the warning messae, he/her will automatically lose this game. Tournament leader may, in exceptional circumstances (illness, lack of access to the Internet) allow administrative leave for the player. - International section

Calendar of Tournaments

First Team Championship - 2011

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